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The ancient Greeks believed that Delphi was the centre of the earth.  Something abiding to this day, considering that UNESCO has proclaimed the Sacred Precinct part of the World Cultural Heritage.  The massive crags of Faedriádes rise above the verdant valley, where the largest olive grove in Greece is to be found.

One would do well to visit the Temple of Apollo and the surrounding memorials; the Stadium; the Theatre; the Marmaria; the Castalian Spring; the Old Temple of Athena; and the renovated Museum.

For ski lovers, there are two main skiing areas available on the northwest flank of Mount Parnassós.  Others can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while observing the snowy landscape. Later on you might like to visit Aráhova, the last town east of Delphi (just 11km further), situated in Parnassós country, with its stone houses of vernacular architecture, and enjoy the marvellous view of the valley.  Aráhova is renowned for its woollen weavings, its wines and gastronomy (formaela cheese, trahanás frumenty, noodles called hilopíttes).      

Itéa (15km) took its name from an evergreen willow tree standing next to a spring.  Seen from Delphi seawards, it is the first picturesque village built over the Gulf of Corinth.

Ósios Loukás, a secluded Byzantine monastery containing the finest mosaics, frescoes and icons in the country from the eleventh century.
Galaxídhi (17km southwest of Itéa) was once one of Greece’s major harbours, with a fleet of over four hundred caiques and schooners.  Nineteenth-century shipowners’ mansions embellish the town.  Uphill from the main harbour is situated the Nautical and Historical Museum.  The eighteenth-century church of Áyios Nikólaos is also worthwhile visiting.

Náfpaktos (90km from Delphi) is a lively market town and resort.  Its well-kept Venetian castle towers above a plane-tree-shaded seafront, overlooking the Gulf of Pátra.  You can enjoy a stroll through the oval-shaped old harbour with its fortifications, and climb the ramparts.

Winter in this part of the country is indeed captivating, especially when Mount Parnassós is covered with snow.  Skiers and excursionists from all over Greece flock here.  Spring and summer also afford opportunities to sightseers and explorers, because of the ideal combination of sea and mountains.

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